Black Fen Folk Club

NCI Club, Holland Street, Cambridge
A vibrant hub for folk & roots music in Cambridge with an event every Sunday. The club  provides the opportunity for anyone to play acoustic music to an attentive audience... Singers, instrumentalists & dancers from all musical traditions and at all levels are welcome... and so are non-performing listeners.

Tickets for SAM CARTER - 15th November 2020 are now available here!

Since mid March 2020 we have been holding weekly Zoom events but from the 11th October plan to resume meeting in the NCI sports and social club in Holland Street. However, for the foreseeable future things will have to be very different.  

The club has always run 'sign up on the night' Open Stages with several floor spots available at every guest night because we we want to provide opportunities for anyone to contribute and to entertain.   

As soon as we can return to our original format we will;  we are blessed with a wealth of talented local musicians, artists who have gigged regularly in happier times and several performers with national (& international) reputations.  In the meantime this temporary 'Concert' format with a restricted socially distanced seated audience and a formal programme means that it won't be possible to just turn up and sing. For our Special Guest Nights we will invite two or three more local acts  to perform short sets along with our main (paid) guest and for our Local Artist Concerts we will have 8-10 pre-arranged short performances.  

If you are already a regular at the club then you'll be invited to take part in rotation - which will mean that you won't get to sing every week, but you will of course have the opportunity to appreciate, enjoy and learn from other performers.

If you are not already on the 'local list' then do please email   (  and we'll be delighted to invite you to entertain us........ the  programme for 'Local Artist events'  is compiled about a week in advance.

Do please read the COVID SECURITY  page before you come!

All events start at 7:30pm and finish at 9.30pm  (Covid regs!)
Special Guest Nights: £8 
Local artist Concerts  : £4