Black Fen Folk Club

COVID 19 SECURITY at BLACK FEN concerts at the NCI club
We are delighted to be able to hold formal concerts with a socially distanced seated audience. This means that seats are limited and must be reserved in advance here.

Concerts will commence at 7.30pm and end not later than 9.30pm, as the premises must be vacated completely by 10.00pm.

Our guidelines on attending one of our concerts follow below. The NCI Club have done a fantastic job at making our venue COVID-secure so please help them continue to put on live music in the city by following the guidelines here and on the night. We know there is a lot here but don't be put off - it still feels very much like a 'normal' gig and we've all had a great time at the live nights since the restart. 

Please be reassured that the seats, tables and all surfaces are misted with a virucide between every event and hand sanitiser is available throughout the building.

Entering the NCI


Have tested positive for COVID-19
Had close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19
Had any symptoms of COVID-19 (such as fever, cough, shortness of breath)
Had close contact with someone who has shown symptoms of COVID-19
Are feeling unwell
Are self isolating
Recently returned to the country
Had close contact with someone who has recently returned to the country

Facemasks must be worn when entering the building or when moving around the building. You do not need to wear a facemask when seated.

Give way to anyone leaving the building. A 2m safe zone is marked at the entrance.

Use the hand sanitiser when entering the NCI premises.

Please follow all floor markings, arrows, etc., and generally KEEP LEFT!

Go straight to the hall. There is more hand sanitiser inside the door.

Record your name and contact details (mobile phone number) for contact tracing purposes. For simple covid security, please bring your own pen with you.
 If you have a suitable mobile phone and the NHS app, you can scan the QR code in the entrance hall.
If you need to pay, please bring the correct money and leave it in the tin at the door. 

Drinks will be ordered in the hall and will be brought to the rear of the hall. A price list is available. Choose the drink you require and write the number, your name and the price on the sheet. Please leave the correct payment in the cash tin and take your own change – we trust you! Every little while we’ll take the sheet to the bar and they’ll bring the drinks through to the table at the back

Empty glasses should be returned to the tray at the back of the hall.

Seating is socially distanced If you are part of a ‘bubble’ then you may use the side bench seats; otherwise please use the single seats in the main body of the hall.  

The Toilets
Use the door in the side of the hall to enter the toilet corridor (Keep Left, give way to anyone leaving the toilets and return to the hall via the main lobby and the hall main doors.
Make sure that you use the hand sanitiser provided.

Performers must use the stage – performance positions are marked on the stage. 
Performers should wait at the side of the stage until the previous artist(s) has left the stage
When going on stage, please adhere to social distancing guidelines.
Do not encourage the audience to sing along – humming is permitted!